MICRO-1 of mini-runner system

  • · Realization of stable molding with various resin from super engineering plastic resin to general-  purpose resin.
  • · Remain a function to make a cast, tosecure numerous molding conditions, and an easy operation for   a stable molding is possible.

Achieve the industry's smallest precision injection

  • · Product Specification : 900 X 400 X 600 (weight : 70kg)
  • · Mold close capacity : 1 TON ~ 2 TON
  • · Plasticization capacity : 5~ 10g / Shot

Remain a function to make a cast, to secure numerous molding conditions, and an easy operation for a stable molding is possible

  • Various casts were rested in molding tests, that made possible to manage a super exact molding
  • Material PA6T weight 0.12g runner weight 0.41g Realization of shortening of the plasticization time and a stability , not seen in others.

Clear operation panel

  • No matter of any layout of a molding factory. A small size, made a realization possible of in-line molding.
  • Easy setting of the best molding condition by minimum operation. Setting freely of an operation screen by a setting place of molding machine.

Molding cycle improvement and resources-saving became easy by adopting a long nozzle

  • Decrease waste of materials with more molds. Improve a molding cycle by shortening a cooling time.
  • A nozzle heater, suggested by us from the past, just downed a scale. To control temperature of the nozzle tip, thermocouple was equipped at the nozzle tip. In addition, supplied ‘sack back’ function let a screw reverse right after preserving a pressure to prevent a stringiness.

Increase pressure valve for mold close

  • Overpressuring a mold close shortens a lifespan Set freely a molding closure strength up to MAX 15KN(1.5t)
  • Double cylinder let a mold close and an ejector be movability by one cylinder Adopting not a mechanical but a soft movability.